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Participating in the reflection on the international Geneva

The publications of the Observatory

The Observatory of the Fondation pour Genève publishes occasional reports, the fruit of its reflections on the world as seen from Geneva or on the issues at stake in keeping Geneva in the ranks of international cities.

Study on the impact of the international sector in Geneva

In 2013, the Fondation pour Genève published its first study on the impact of international Geneva. Ten years later, the Foundation has decided to update the study in order to compare its evolution with previous results, to dispel certain preconceived ideas and to provide a tool for political discussion about international development.

Series "International Geneva - State of Affairs".

These bulletins aim to study the poles of competence of the international Geneva.

Series "Impact" - 2013 to 2016

A collection of four booklets resulting from the study conducted jointly by the Universities of Geneva and Lausanne, the EPFL and the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies on the Impact of the international sector on Geneva and the Lake Geneva region.

Serie "Soft" - 2007 to 2010

A collection of four booklets to describe the changes taking place in global governance.

Serie "Soft" N°4

“Soft institution”

01 December 2010

What are the themes that create the news in international relations in "soft governance" and why?

Serie "Soft" N°3

"Societal responsibility"

01 August 2009

New negotiation processes and new working methodologies are emerging. How?

Serie "Soft" N°2


01 October 2007

New players are entering the international game and changing the game. Who?

Serie "Soft" N°1

“Soft gouvernance”

01 April 2007

Starting point for understanding new practices in international relations.

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