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The Circle of donors

We warmly thank the Swiss and foreign multinational companies, trade associations, institutions and private individuals who commit to the Fondation pour Genève each year.

Their financial contribution enables the Fondation pour Genève to carry out its own activities and to support the development of institutions such as the International Geneva Welcome Centre (CAGI), the Diplomatic Club of Geneva, the International Circle, the Eduki Foundation, and the GVA2 Association.

Thanks to its donors, the Fondation pour Genève is able to contribute to the support and promotion of international Geneva. The Fondation can claim to be a key player in the public/private partnership necessary to maintain the international influence of Geneva and Switzerland in the world.

We would also like to thank Lenz & Staehelin, Microsoft, Pilet & Renaud Sa, the Domaine de Villette Foundation and the Hippomenes Foundation, as well as the patrons: Alix Barbier-Mueller, Rémy Best, Nicolas Brunschwig, Grégoire Bordier, Bertrand Demole, Claude Demole, Françoise and Guy Demole, Nicolas Gonet, Pierre Keller, Brigitte Lescure, Thierry Lombard, Yves Mirabaud, Yves Oltramare, Charles Pictet, Ivan Pictet, Nicolas Pictet, Renaud de Planta, Adam Said, Jacques de Saussure and Guy Waldvogel.

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