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Helping seniors in need

George Junod Fund

Upon his death in 1986, Georges Junod, a citizen of Vaud residing in Geneva, named the Fondation pour Genève as the heir to his fortune. He had stipulated that a fund be established in his name to support “works of assistance” for needy Swiss seniors.

Chaired by Charlotte de Senarclens, the Georges Junod Fund is managed by a committee of four people concerned with respecting the founder’s wishes by giving priority to projects that provide financial support to elderly people in great need and that help promote “better aging”. The Fund supports programs such as home visits, volunteer training, gymnastics classes, care for people with memory problems, and the purchase of minibuses or specialized furniture to improve comfort in institutions. However, it does not finance infrastructure works, scientific projects, celebrations or commemorations. It concentrates its efforts on relieving the most disadvantaged.


Charlotte de Senarclens

President of the Georges Junod Fund Commission

Fabrice Eggly


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