Publication of the report “Scientific diplomacy : a chance for Geneva”

Thursday 22 June 2023

The Fondation pour Genève publishes a report on scientific diplomacy


Artificial intelligence, geo-engineering, the quantum revolution: scientific advances are constantly in the news, integrating our societies at an exponential rate. The question of how to regulate and anticipate them is therefore of paramount importance.

With the creation of GESDA (Geneva Science and Diplomacy Anticipator), supported by the federal and cantonal authorities, Switzerland aims to shape the global governance of tomorrow. We foresaw, before others, that the years ahead will be those of questioning certain scientific advances, and the issues they will raise. New technologies are in the process of transforming the way the world is organized, and changing the balance of power. In the short term, they will force us to rethink international relations.

This report, written by Sarah Sermondadaz, science journalist for, defines scientific diplomacy, outlines the political and academic interactions taking place in Geneva around scientific issues, and explores the ways in which Geneva can position itself in this field, which is often overlooked, but whose importance is growing as the pace of technological advances intensifies.

The report is also available in french and german.


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