Launch of the platform!

Thursday 27 October 2022

Discover the unpublished archives of major events in international Geneva!

Do you want to go back in time? To discover the historic diplomatic meetings and events that took place in Geneva? Discover unpublished archives on the platform! From Nelson Mandela’s speech in 1990 to Ghandi’s visit to the Victoria Hall in 1931, hundreds of images, videos and texts are shared in recognition of Geneva’s exceptional history as a capital of peace.

The participatory platform proposes a unique editorial initiative: to tell the story of international Geneva using the archives of RTS, organisations present in Geneva and above all with audiovisual documents from the public. Opened on the occasion of UNESCO’s World Day for Audiovisual Heritage, the platform is edited in French and English by the Fondation pour la sauvegarde et la mise en valeur du patrimoine audiovisuel de la RTS (FONSART), in collaboration with RTS.

The Fondation pour Genève is proud to be one of the supporting partners of this remarkable project.


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