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The “GO sustainable solutions” project


Since October 2020, the Fondation pour Genève has been supporting the production of the “GO sustainable solutions” programs on Léman Bleu, a project that aims to highlight innovative and inspiring initiatives carried out by both local actors and international organizations.

Presented by Philippe Verdier and broadcast once a month on Wednesday evenings at 7:30 pm, the programs deal with the central themes of sustainable development, from a constructive angle at the crossroads of the economy, society and the environment. They give the floor to major actors of sustainable development in Geneva, professionals and international experts, who share their experiences and invite awareness.

A partnership between Léman Bleu, the Fondation pour Genève, the SIG, the Service cantonal du développement durable, the Republic and Canton of Geneva, the DFAE, the SDG Lab and the UNOG PCP.


Programs of the season 2


11th May 2022 – The Fondation Eduki honored
13th April 2022 – Acting for the climate emergency
16th March 2022 – Focus on biodiversity
16th February 2022 – What energy transition for Geneva?
19th January 2022 – Real estate and climate change
15th December 2021 – Geneva, a place for sustainable finance
24th November 2021 – Digital, an ally of sustainability
27th October 2021 – Smart City: 48 hours to imagine the sustainable city

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