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Cosmopolis: a TV show exploring international Geneva

The Fondation pour Genève is delighted to have teamed up with the City of Geneva, the Groupement des Entreprises Multinationales and Léman Bleu TV to create a monthly programme showcasing international Geneva.

An in-depth look at our city’s international activities, its assets, its challenges and, above all, its diversity. Art, peace, human rights, the economy, science – the aim is to introduce the general public to the different dimensions of international Geneva and overcome preconceptions about this important sector for the region. This awareness-raising campaign will accompany the Fondation pour Genève’s study on the impact of the international sector in Geneva, which will be published in March 2024.


1. International Geneva : pleased to meet you

The first show was broadcast on Léman Bleu on 22 January 2024 and featured guest speakers :

– Charlotte Diwan, director of artgenève
– Joëlle Kuntz, author and journalist
– Anna Ifkovits Horner, Ambassador, Deputy Permanent Representative of Switzerland to the United Nations and other international organisations in Geneva
– Michael Moller, former Director General of the UN in Geneva
– Marie Laure Salles, Director of the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies (IHEID)

Watch the first broadcast here


2. An architectural tour of International Geneva

Guest speakers :

– François de Marignac, Architect
– Philippe Meier, Architect
– Panos Mantziaras, Director, Fondation Braillard
– Patrick Mollard, Director of the Monuments and Sites Department of the State of Geneva
– Patrice Bezos, Architect

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3. Geneva, capital of a wide range of industries

Guest speakers :

– Peter Brabeck-Letmathe, President of GESDA
– Nathalie Fontanet, State Councillor
– Marc Pictet, President of the Fondation pour Genève
– François Rohrbach, President of the Groupement des Entreprises Multinationales
– Laurent Ott, Scientific Associate, Haute Ecole de Gestion de Genève
– Yannick Roulin, Director of the Geneva International Welcome Centre (CAGI)

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4. Peace and security

Guest speakers :

– Marina Wutholen, director and founder of the Young Activists Summit
– Corinne Momal-Vanian, director of Kofi Annan Foundation
– Alain Delétroz, director of Geneva Call
– Stefano Toscano, director of Geneva International Centre for Humanitarian Demining
– Pierre Azan, senior advisor for the Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue

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5. International Trade from Geneva

Guest speakers :

– Jean-Marie Paugam, Deputy Director-General of the World Trade Organization
– Vincent Gancel,
Director of Corporate and Investment Banking at Indosuez
– Erwin Bollinger, Swiss Ambassador to the WTO
– Alexandra Johnson, Vice-President of the Swiss Arbitration Centre

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