Foundation Prize

Laureate 1978
Vittorio Winspeare-Guicciardi

1978 Prize awarded to Vittorio Winspeare-Guicciardi, Director General of the United Nations Office in Geneva

Tuesday, April 4, 1978 at 6:30 pm, Aula of the University of Geneva

The first Prize of the Foundation for Geneva was awarded on April 4, 1978 to Mr. Vittorio Winspaere-Guicciardi, former Director-General of the United Nations Office in Geneva, during a ceremony in the Aula of the University of Geneva, in the presence of the cantonal and administrative authorities of Geneva, representatives of the University who had come in great numbers, as well as a brilliant audience from Geneva and abroad.

The award ceremony was an opportunity to recall the mission of this young foundation created in 1976 and its objectives, namely to contribute to the reputation of Geneva, in Switzerland and abroad, by promoting the creation and development of institutions of a cultural, artistic, scientific and philanthropic nature; by organizing all events and meetings with the objective of exchanging ideas; by encouraging any initiative likely to maintain and increase the humanist reputation of Geneva; by supporting the action that the Geneva authorities carry out in favour of the international development of Geneva; finally by awarding each year a prize of the Foundation to persons or institutions whose activity has contributed to the influence of Geneva.

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