A look back at the 2024 prize

Monday 13 May 2024

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Relive the ceremony awarding the 2024 Prize to Fabiola Gianotti

“Geneva is my adopted home, a city that I love enormously. And for us physicists, CERN is paradise. It’s the place to be. (…) For me, CERN has not only been a school of physics, but also a school of life.”

Thank you all for coming to the Victoria Hall for the award ceremony of the Fondation pour Genève Prize to Fabiola Gianotti!

Combining music and humour, this wonderful evening allowed us to retrace Fabiola Gianotti’s remarkable career, to discover her artistic spirit and, above all, her considerable contribution to CERN, the institution where she has lived and worked since 1996.

The Fondation pour Genève would like to extend its sincere gratitude to everyone who contributed to the success of this event, to its donors and sponsors, and to its partners the State of Geneva, the City of Geneva, Léman Bleu TV and Le Temps.

Special thanks to Point Prod and Actua Films for their support in organising this ceremony.

Watch the ceremony here

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