Promoting International Geneva

As part of its involvement in the “Visibilité Genève Internationale” coordination group, alongside the United Nations Office at Geneva, the Perception Change Project, the Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs, the Canton and City of Geneva, and other partners such as the Eduki Foundation and AGIR, the Fondation pour Genève promotes publications and other information issued by these organizations, in order to raise the profile of International Geneva and to enable everyone to keep up with its news.

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Other useful links

News from International Geneva

A daily selection of articles (from media, OI, NGOs, public authorities) about humanitarian, public health, trade or human rights issues in Geneva.

The International Geneva Calendar

An online calendar gathering all the events from International Geneva : international meetings, public conferences, cultural activities, etc.


Geneva Solutions

Journalistic platform dedicated to International Geneva. Subscribe to their GS Daily Brief newsletter.
Newsletter quotidienne GS Daily Brief

Genève Vision

RTS’s new international platform for analyzing global news.

The Geneva Observer

News platform covering International Geneva. It offers independent, informed, and in-depth journalism locally, from within International Geneva’s ecosystem. The Geneva Observer operates at the intersection of journalism, academia, and public policy.
The Geneva Observer

100 years of multilateralism in Geneva 1920-2020

Online resources : « What is 100 Years of Multilateralism in Geneva?»

Eduki’s thematic files

Series of thematic pages to better understand the work of the international institutions based in Switzerland and their impact in our everyday life. For every theme a comprehensive information file (currently in French only), as well as video links, Internet links and other practical information are at your disposal.

PCP ONUG’s publications

The Perception Change project is a collective effort to show the relevance and impact of the work of Geneva-based International Organizations. Through different projects, The PCP communicates in innovative ways about the work done collectively in Geneva to further peace, rights and well-being.

Publications en ligne
Fairy Tales for a Fairer World