Managing the Georges-Junod fund
The Georges-Junod Fund

On his death in 1986, Georges Junod, a citizen of the Canton of Vaud residing in Geneva, bequeathed his fortune to the Fondation pour Genève. He stipulated that a fund be set up in his name to support “good works” to assist elderly Swiss people in need.

Each year, part of the income of the Georges Junod Fund is allocated to charities working for the elderly in French-speaking Switzerland. In thirty years, more than 10 million Swiss francs have been distributed to institutions such as cantonal associations of the Red Cross, the Salvation Army, cantonal branches of Pro Senectute, the Centre Social Protestant, Caritas, health centres and various voluntary and community organizations whose aim is to alleviate the difficulties of the elderly.

The Georges-Junod Fund is chaired by Charlotte de Senarclens and managed by a committee of four people who attach importance to reflecting the founder’s wishes by giving priority to projects that provide financial support to elderly people in great difficulty and help promote “better ageing”. The Fund has therefore contributed to programmes such as home visits, volunteer training, gymnastics classes, support for people with memory problems, and the purchase of minibuses and specialized furniture to improve comfort in institutions. It does not, however, finance infrastructure work, scientific projects, celebrations or commemorations. It concentrates its efforts on helping the most disadvantaged.

The Fondation pour Genève is proud to be able to contribute to Geneva’s humanitarian reputation, through the work of the Georges-Junod Fund.

Charlotte de Senarclens, President of the Georges-Junod Fund committee
Gregory Licker, Director of the Fondation pour Genève

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