Promoting International Geneva
Discover season 02 of “GO solutions durables”

Wednesdays at 19:30 | Léman Bleu

Presented by Philippe Verdier, the TV show highlights innovative and inspiring initiatives carried out by both local actors and international organisations.

Economy, Society and Environment are the three major subjects presented and discussed in a constructive way. These documentaries highlight inspiring actions, while the interviews promote awareness. Geneva presents itself as a world centre for sustainable development with committed local actors and a strong international dynamism.

The two first episodes are available on the Léman Bleu website:
Programme of 24 November 2021 – Digital as an ally of sustainability
Programme of 27 October 2021 – Smart City: 48 hours to imagine the sustainable city

In partnership with : Fondation pour Genève, SIG, the Service cantonal du développement durable, la République et Canton de Genève, the Département fédéral des affaires étrangères (DFAE), SDG Lab and the Perception Change Project de l’ONUG.