The statutes

The Fondation pour Genève’s goals are to contribute to the renown of Geneva, both in Switzerland and abroad.Thanks to the means at its disposal, the Fondation pour Genève:

  • encourages the creation and development of institutions, whether temporary or permanent, of a cultural, artistic, scientific and philanthropic nature,
  • stimulates exchanges between these institutions and similar foreign institutions and encourages and facilitates donations in favor of these institutions
  • organizes events and meetings with the aim of exchanging ideas
  • triggers and supports initiatives that will maintain and increase the humanist reputation of Geneva.

The Foundation also aims to support the action that the Geneva authorities are taking in favour of Geneva’s international development. The Foundation can carry out all financial operations in connection with its purpose, solicit or collect all funds necessary for the accomplishment of its mission. The Foundation can also manage other funds to be used for the above-mentioned purpose.

The Fondation pour Genève was founded in 1976 in accordance with the terms of Articles 80 ff. of the Swiss Civil Code. It is registered at the trade registry and is placed under the authority of the Supervisory Board for Foundations in Bern.

It is a private non-political and non-religious organization recognized as of public benefit.

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