The statutory aim of the Fondation pour Genève (hereinafter the Fondation) is to contribute by all the means at its disposal to the reputation and influence of Geneva, both within Switzerland and abroad,

  • by supporting the creation and development of institutions, both temporary and permanent, of a cultural, artistic, scientific and philanthropic nature,
  • by multiplying exchanges between these institutions and similar foreign institutions, by encouraging and facilitating donations in favour of these institutions,
  • by organising all events and meetings aimed at the exchange of ideas,
  • by inducing and supporting any initiative likely to maintain and enhance the humanist reputation of Geneva.

Another objective of the Fondation is to support in the particular domains and in various forms the activities of the Geneva authorities in favour of the international development of the city. The Fondation may undertake any financial operations related to its objective, and solicit or raise all funds required for the accomplishment of its mission. The Fondation may also manage other funds to be used in favour of the above-mentioned objective.

The Fondation was constituted on 13 January 1976, in the sense of articles 80 ff of the Swiss Civil Code. It was inscribed in the Trade Register of Geneva on 20 February 1976. It is placed under the authority of the Federal Supervisory Board for Foundations in Berne.

The Fondation is a not-for-profit organisation and has no political, confessional or governmental character.