Operational team

The Fondation pour Genève is chaired by Mr Ivan Pictet and directed by Ms Tatjana Darany, Director-General. She is assisted by a secretariat. Added to this are the specific secretariats working under the authority of a member of the Board, in close coordination with the General Direction and its secretariat.

The composition of the operational team is as follows:

General direction

Ivan Pictet, President

Tatjana Darany, General Secretary

Permanent secretariat

Evelyne Mazuranic, Administrative Director

Christian Haab, Executive Assistant


International Circle of Geneva

Florence Notter, President

Jenny Mégevand, General Coordinator

Diplomatic Club of Geneva

Raymond Loretan, President

Gregory Licker, General Secretary

Alizée Ehrnrooth, Executive Assistant

Réseau d'Accueil

Diane Zoelly, President

Fonds Georges-Junod

Nathalie van Berchem, President