A Geneva organisation

One cannot present the Fondation pour Genève without speaking of Geneva. A city with particular chemistry and an exceptional destiny. How does this come about?

Undoubtedly thanks to its traditions of welcome and exchanges which have made it the heir of the thinking and action of men who from generation to generation have left their mark on Geneva's history and conferred on it this world reputation that is so envied.

Geneva, a metropolis with an international vocation. All countries are represented here, and the largest international organisations as well as numerous multinationals also have their headquarters here; renowned researchers, international experts and front-line personalities meet here on a regular basis. All ideas rub together, all nationalities come together here.

Not surprising that in this context the members of the Fondation pour Genève share a common wish: to promote Geneva as an international centre and to highlight its advantages.

Who are these men and women of goodwill who work unceasingly to enhance Geneva's reputation and influence? They are Genevans who are proud to host this extraordinary international expertise on their territory. They have no other legitimacy than to consider it their duty and responsibility to participate, together with the authorities and the other bodies concerned, in maintaining those traditions and values that have always constituted the "Spirit of Geneva".

The spiritual fathers of the Fondation showed the way. After nearly 40 years of existence, each chairman who picks up the torch brings a new lease of life. Since 1998, Ivan Pictet has given considerable impetus to the Fondation pour Genève.