The Fondation Eduki, alias Centre pour l'Education et la Sensibilisation à la Coopération internationale (Centre for Education and Awareness in International Cooperation) is a foundation incorporated under Swiss law. It was founded in 2011 by International Mandate. Since 2013 it has been supported by the Fondation pour Genève, which hosts its secretariat on its premises and provides for its development. The Fondation Eduki is chaired by the former National Councillor and president of the Geneva government Mrs Martine Brunschwig Graf.

Eduki aims to promote education and awareness in international cooperation.

To do this, it:

  • proposes on its website thematic files and pedagogical tools on the different activities carried out by the organisations in Geneva,
  • organises discovery activities and visits to the key players in international cooperation,
  • runs a contest for students from the middle-school and post-compulsory sections.

The Fondation Eduki enables over 45,000 students aged between 12 and 19 to find out about International Geneva through the work of the international and non-governmental organisations.