History, purpose and status

A history that echoes that of International Geneva

Since its creation nearly forty years ago, the Diplomatic Club of Geneva reflects the evolution of International Geneva, with which it is intrinsically linked. Wishing to establish links with international personalities passing through, young diplomats created the Diplomatic Club of Geneva in 1976.

This original idea of taking advantage of the international character of Geneva took shape over several chairmanships before finally crystallising from 2008 in a unifying intention hitherto neglected: linking up the components of the international community present in Geneva and further afield in Switzerland. Backed by this new ambition and on the initiative of the Fondation pour Genève, the Club then opened up to the private international sector and the academic world. Having become a stimulating platform, both informal and exclusive, the Diplomatic Club of Geneva today contributes to the development of synergies thanks to the quality and representativeness of its members, all of them protagonists of International Geneva.

The leading world centre in terms of concentration of international actors and meetings, Switzerland, and Geneva in particular, is an extraordinary place, in the literal sense of the word, for actions and deliberations with global impact. One only has to consider a few figures to be convinced: 174 States have permanent representations, 24 intergovernmental organisations or international institutions have their international headquarters here - not to mention numerous others that have offices - and the over 250 NGOs with ECOSOC status. There are also hundreds of world or regional headquarters of multinationals, as well as several internationally renowned research centres.

This results in numerous and varied centres of skills and expertise which make the region a pool of knowledge and know-how that is unrivalled throughout the world. Questions of peace and security, scientific and economic issues, humanitarian and human rights questions, environmental and health challenges are all treated in parallel, and, more than anywhere else, jointly.


The Diplomatic Club aims at gathering the international community and at stimulating relations and exchanges within it. Members of the Diplomatic Club show the diversity of key actors of International Geneva.