Major events

The Diplomatic Club organises for its members about ten major events each year. Whether in the form of lectures or debates, these events offer:

  • to world-renowned speakers an informal and high-quality audience for presenting their field of activity and giving their expert point of view on a topical international issue;
  • to members the opportunity, apart from that of meeting in an informal context, to find out more about the centres of excellence of International Geneva.

These major events take place in emblematic and prestigious venues that enable members to meet in an atmosphere conducive to discovery, exchange and discussion. They are followed by receptions.

Thematic groups (as from January 2015)

In parallel to the major events and on request, the Diplomatic Club provides its members, especially heads of mission and director-generals of international organisations, with a platform for creating and coordinating thematic groups.

The goal here is to encourage synergies between and within the different components of International Geneva - governmental, private, academic and non-governmental – by bringing together members who share the same interest in a specific domain.

These groups meet at regular intervals, during the day or in the evening, at a round table and a meal or leisure activity, to get to know each other, discuss current issues and reflect on future solutions - or simply to find out about Geneva or Switzerland. The thematic groups are run by members of the Committee or the Board. To do this they benefit from an Intranet communication tool and the logistical support of the Fondation pour Genève.

In Geneva, a large number of actors in international relations are concentrated around five major centres of skills and expertise:

  • Peace, security, disarmament
  • Humanitarian action and law, human rights, migration
  • Labour, economy, trade, science, telecommunications
  • Health
  • Environment, sustainable development