The Fondation pour Genève

The Fondation pour Genève was founded in 1976 and has the statutory goal of contributing to the influence of Geneva on both the national and world stage. Its focus is primarily turned toward the international positioning of the Lake Geneva region, relations between local and international communities, welcoming internationals and their spouses, developing initiatives that promote dialogue and the exchange of ideas and finally managing its charitable funds. The Fondation pour Genève creates, promotes, coordinates and supports initiatives that perpetuate Geneva's traditions of hospitality and openness to the world.

The activities of the Fondation pour Genève include:
  • L'Observatoire launches studies and formulates proposals regarding the strategic decisions that will keep Geneva among the winner's circle of international cities
  • The Welcome Network organises and runs the programme of the Geneva Welcome Center (CAGI) for newcomers to our international community
Moreover, the Fondation pour Genève participates in projects that draw attention to the centres of excellence in the Lake Geneva region.

Many thanks to our generous donors

The Fondation pour Genève publishes the initial results of an academic study "Impact of the international sector on the Lake Geneva region"